Safety and Health at work Managemnent System

We focus on ISO 45001, the international standard of reference for the area of occupational risk prevention. ATM Natura will help you throughout the process of implementation, certification and maintenance

One of the keys that distinguish a developed economy is the sophistication of your industry. A company that you pay attention to your safety will suffer fewer accidents and unexpected events that put at risk the health of the people, the environment and your finances.

This standard specifies the requirements of a management system of safety and health at work, designed to allow organizations of all types and sizes manage their risks to safety and health at work and to improve their performance in the field of prevention of occupational risks.

iso 45001

Benefits of implementing the ISO 45.001

Ensure the safety of the workers, not only will you save big problems, but that may provide some unexpected benefits to your company


More and MORE COMPANIES are required to the certificate for their providers

Therefore, whether it is for a current client or for future contracts, it becomes essential to have this certificate to assure your success.


Control and a potential reduction in the number of occupational accidents and their costs

To cover all processes of manufacturing, handling, packaging, distribution and storage of food, reduces the risk of contamination and, consequently, the amount of non-conforming products



The enforcement of the law is a basic requirement for complying with the rule, so that in addition to the certificate, we ensure that we do not take surprises after an inspection


Reduction cost insurance civil liability

Even if a customer does not put it as a requirement, to have this certification will without a doubt the scales in your favor against the competition when the client has to select a supplier.


Excellent corporate image to your customers and suppliers

Even if a customer does not put it as a requirement, to have this certification will without a doubt the scales in your favor against the competition when the client has to select a supplier.

ISO 45003: snap-in ISO 45001 


Management of psychosocial risks in the workplace, in accordance with the standard ISO 45003

The certification of ISO 45003 for the management of psychosocial Risk, within the management system, ISO 45001, offers companies a tool of international consensus to show confidence to the workers, other stakeholders and the society in general, that are committed to the health and well-being psychological in their workers, the analysis of all the sources of origin of the dangers psychosocial existing in the workplace, the implementation of actions to control them and to the assessment of the effectiveness of these actions within the continuous improvement cycle.

In this way, AENOR again bring value to the organizations involved with the culture of safety and health at work, I aspire to an excellent management of its risks in the workplace, beyond mere legal compliance.

Our services in ISO 45001

We can help you from any stage in which you find it: from the idea to its integration with other systems

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Implementation of the system

We accompany you give the implementation tailored to your company: from the beginning to get the certification


System maintenance

We assist in the maintenance of the system to maintain the certification


Integration with other systems

If you already have one or more systems that that's settled, you may want to integrate with in order to save you time and money

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