Environmental Projects

In ATM Natura we have been able to participate in a wide variety of environmental projects, and we have also done so under a strong passion and motivation that everything turns out well, both for the promoter and for the natural environment. These are the areas in which we can help you


Environmental assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment are a fundamental part of construction projects that may have an environmental impact. We can help you in its management and preparation


Environmental Risk Assessment

Based on Law 26/2007, many companies must establish their Environmental Responsibility Financial Guarantee. We can help you with this process


environmental diagnoses

In this diagnosis, an analysis of all the environmental aspects of the company is carried out, detecting the risks and opportunities that can improve the efficiency of the processes and reduce the environmental impact.


circular economy

If you generate waste or by-products to which you would like to give a target the most profitable in the current, we can help you at every stage, from the ecodesign to improve the management of waste



We can help you with the preparation of the Preliminary Soil Report , the management of soil decontamination, etc. Preliminary report of Floorsthe management of the decontamination of soils, etc


industrial safety

We offer different services in this area: Security advisor, ISO 45001, maintenance of the APQ, etc



Together with the services that we offer in the Waste Management Advisory Department, we can help you carry out the Waste Minimization Plan, the development of circular economy projects, etc.



We can help you in the steps necessary to perform a hydrologic study an area of your interest to have a well, facility or to prevent future damage


Acoustic Studies

If you need to carry out an acoustic audit or pre-operational measurement to know the level of soundproofing you will need to comply with the regulations, we can help you carry out an acoustic study of your installation.