Sustainable Development goals

We help you in the integration of the SDGS into the business strategy of your organization

Why is it so important to align the business strategy with the SDGS?

The Agenda 2030 is through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) is the plan of global development more ambitious in the history of mankind. a roadmap that seeks the eradication of poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity.

The 17 SDGS are not independent, but are aligned with each other, so that actions taken in one area will affect outcomes in another. It is something that must be taken into account when the company selects the SDGS and the goals in which to focus its activities on sustainability.

This is important because if you select a key objective, it can indirectly influence in the improvement of several ODS different. As an example, in some situations, a company that drastically reduces the use of water in their processes may come to influence all of the SDGS in the environmental field.

"A company that you select an ODS and a key goal on which to focus their efforts can reach indirectly influence in the improvement of several ODS different. This selection successfully will depend on a proper Integration of SDGS business"

Our services in the field of ODS

The development of a sustainability report includes the measurement, disclosure and accountability towards stakeholders, both internal and external relationship with the performance of the organization with respect to the objective of sustainable development.


We custom formations in the matter of the Agenda 2030 the workers with the aim of introducing the ODS, or delve into one or more ODS of a field relevant to the company.

Integration of the SDGS in the company

Not all of the SDGS are just as relevant to your business. On the basis of a strategic approach to the SDGS, we help you to assess the impacts of current, potential, positive and negative effects that the activity of the company is on the SDGS in the entire value chain. From there, we will give priority to the objectives and goals that the company can have a greater impact with their actions

Design of communication strategy

The quality of the communication of this Integration of the SDGS will impact the amount of benefits that you will get. A proper report in which you describe the performance in terms of ODS during the year will serve to build trust among their stakeholders, to improve the reputation, to attract investment and support the onboard decision making that are more sustainable and effective

What are the benefits awarded to involve the company in the SDGS?

To be involved in the fulfillment of a goal in which they have influence, companies will be able to discover new opportunities for improvement beyond what is required by the legislation and that might have otherwise remained undiscovered, thanks to the development of solutions for the achievement of the SDGS.

Cost-effectiveness will be ensured in many occasions, especially when it comes to improvements in the processes of the company with the aim of contributing to certain ODS

  • On the one hand, we can expect the imminent introduction of new taxes, fines, and other mechanisms for increase the cost of the externalities for business. Use the resources more efficiently or to switch to sustainable alternatives is and will be increasingly grateful economically. For example, What companies do you think will come out to be less affected by the upcoming introduction of new taxes on plastic in Spain beginning in 2023? Exact, those before you put attention in the search for alternatives to the packaging. 
  • In addition, the consumers, especially the younger generations, they value the responsible business practices and stay informed thanks to the social Networks of the actions that brands make.
  • Even the morale of the employees can influence the "war for attracting talent" among the companies, where the most engaged with the SDGS will have more chance of winning.

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