Sustainability report

Disseminate and communicate the impacts and progress environmental, social and governance in your company it is an essential step in your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Why is it so important to report the sustainability performance of a company?

We are living in a consumption boom aware or responsible. Beyond looking for his own satisfaction, more and more people concerned about the externalities of the product purchased.

If the consumer perceives that the brand you are buying is having a negative impact on the environment or the people, it is very likely to stop buying from that brand and look for alternative options. Because there is a philosophy increasingly widespread among consumers: every purchase is a vote

As a company, insurance that you already have that in mind. The question many are asking is how to adapt to this new paradigm?

"The memory of sustainability is one of the great tools to implement sustainability in the kernel and image of companies"

What should contain the memory of sustainability?

The development of a sustainability report includes the measurement, disclosure and accountability towards stakeholders, both internal and external relationship with the performance of the organization with respect to the objective of sustainable development.

Profile of the organization

Describes the context of the company, where it is currently, its business model, its achievements and certifications


Is the information that explains how the company deals with different aspects in order to provide context and to understand their performance in specific areas.

Interest groups

Describes the groups of people and institutions that have any relationship with the company, both internal (employees) and external (suppliers, local communities, etc.)

Material aspects

It describes the performance of the company in every aspect relevant material: from the gender equality and work-life balance to the environmental impacts generated and the measures implemented to manage them.

General steps

What should contain the memory of sustainability?

Over the years, and according to the importance of corporate social responsibility was on the rise, have been also emerging with different standards for the preparation of the sustainability report. "Guides" to be followed by the companies for the drafting of this document without leave important elements out, but above all, to be able to measure the performance of the proposed objectives.

GRI standards

The model created by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), is the metolodogía more commonly used today to produce sustainability reports, as it is easy to adapt to any type of company, regardless of its size. Los standards of the sustainability report GRI is based on the principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations on sustainability and the environment and are recognized by the OECD.

ISO 26000
Another one of the standards that we can continue to develop the sustainability report is the ISO 26000 Standard, which contains a set of guidelines on corporate social responsibility.

This standard is certifiable and compliance ensures that the company is in compliance with your plan of CSR and achieving their sustainability goals. Therefore, it is a matter of moving the memory of all the actions carried out to achieve the certification and maintain it in time.

Do you interested in creating your first memory of sustainability?

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