Environmental Consulting

We improve the environmental footprint of companies

Developing Projects

Environmental Consulting

since 1994

Our experience in hundreds of projects, environmental consulting in different sectors, makes us the partner par excellence of the Companies in the field of environment.

We support and accompany our customers by offering consulting services and support in different areas:

  •  Environmental consulting
  • Analysis of environmental risks
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  •  Administrative Authorizations (Integrated Environmental Permit, Environmental Permit, etc), Plans for the Minimization of Waste, Preliminary reports of Contaminated Soils, Authorization of sources of atmospheric emissions, Statements of Packaging, Diagnostics, Environmental, etc
  • Projects Circular Economy.
  • Training
  • Assistance in the management of environmental controls: waste management, analytical controls of discharges, air emissions, noise, etc
  • Implementation of Management Systems (Environment, Quality, health and safety, Energy Efficiency, CSR, Information Security, etc).
  • Projects of aid to the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Environmental legislation: continued review and updating of legal requirements, assistance in the interpretation of applicable law.

Environmental Consulting

In a Environmental consulting cover all environmental aspects that affect the development of the productive activity of the company.

Our technicians perform tasks advice, training and procedures several. Among the most prominent are:

  • Definition of the main indicators of the environmental management of the company.
  • Analysis of the evolution of the environmental indicators mentioned above.
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of the projects of the company.
  • Advice for the implementation of management systems such as ISO14001.
  • Implementation of environmental projects

Strategic Plans Environmental

gestión medioambiental

The Strategic Plans Environmental they are a tool to guide and strengthen the environmental management of businesses. Are made according to their internal and external factors that surround them and must internalize, such as:

  • The environmental trends of your surroundings, but with world-wide mission.

  • The environmental needs of the business or businesses with which it operates.

The strategic environmental assessment you should allow a better assessment of the environmental impacts indirect, cumulative and synergistic arising from policies, plans and programmes.

The Strategic Plans Environmental can be designed for specific companies, units of the public administration or to a set of these.

Environmental Management

 Our philosophy goes by to encourage our customers the right balance for their economic development, growth of the activity, the rational use of resources and the protection and conservation of the environment.

In addition, we take advantage of all this effort for companies, in addition to complying with the legislation in force, you can:

  • Implement environmental policies for sustainable
  • To promote actions aimed at the implementation of the CSR.
  • Get the recognition of clients and social workers.
  • Improve your efficiency in the treatment of Waste.
  • Obtain and maintain certifications related to the Environmental Management.
  • Raise awareness to their employees about policies respect for the environment.

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