Equality plans

From this year, companies of more than 50 people in the template must have an equality Planthe main tool is imposed at the national level in order to counteract the gender gap in the workplace. Similarly, many companies are not obliged by law to decide to implement a gender equality Plan in order to gain access to public contracts or to improve the positioning of the brand.

Our consultants will accompany you in the processes of elaboration and implementation of a gender Equality Plan in your company according to the law

Services development of equality plans in companies

ATM Natura we offer a complete service of design and implementation of gender equality plans:

  • Make a diagnosis of the situation of the company, with the aim of assessing the corrective measures to be implemented.
  • Analyze and validate the registration package, or to advise the company on the development of a new one in case you do not possess each
  • Development of the gender equality plan, setting objectives and actions on the basis of consensus among all parties (trade unions, Management, etc.) to implement the necessary measures to ensure that the salaries of women and men, depending on their age and position, are balanced.
  • Regular follow-up and possible modifications on the basis of deviations or needs of the company.

We help you to implement your plan of equality agile and effective so as not to affect the pace of the company.

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