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the sustainability and the
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Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility were something optional 20 years ago. Today any company that wants to last over time must commit to its sustainability. At ATM Natura we want to help you introduce sustainability in the most effective way in your organization.

Our services

Since 1994 we have been helping companies improve their environmental performance on several fronts, which has helped us develop deep expertise in these three major areas:

How can we help?


Environmental consulting

We help you in the development of Environmental Projects, Technical and legal advice, Administrative procedures, Carbon Footprint Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, etc


Management Systems

We have experience in Environmental (ISO 14001, EMAS), Quality (ISO 9001), Food Safety (IFS, ISO 21000), Occupational Risks (ISO 45000), and Security of Information management systems


Corporate Social Responsibility

We accompany companies from the preparation of their Strategic Plan with CSR impact to the design of an effective external Communication

Why have an environmental consultant?

Regardless of the size of the organization, any company in a productive sector has an environmental impact that must be controlled in order to comply with legislation and maintain its reputation.

Environmental consulting is a service that any type of company may need. Today practically all large companies have departments specialized exclusively in quality and the environment. Similarly, these departments usually go to external consultants for support in the preparation of environmental audits, obtaining certifications...

In the case of SMEs, the service of environmental consultancies is usually needed to help them comply with the relevant legislation, improve the corporate image that is projected and also in the case of companies that have manufacturing stages in their production process, increase efficiency and productivity levels; as well as support in administrative procedures to qualify for aid and subsidies.

Why put sustainability in the focus of my company?


Today in most organizations the social and environmental agenda is increasingly present in their business strategy, making it increasingly difficult to find companies that do not have a sustainability component in their business strategy.

Cada vez es más común que empresas multinacionales exijan a sus proveedores cumplir los estándares sociales y ambientales básicos. Por eso, las compañías que mayor interés muestran en reducir su impacto son las que tienen cada vez más preferencia entre las multinacionales y los inversores.

Similarly, we see a strong rise in conscious consumption among the population. Thanks to social networks, consumers know better and better which brands to support and which to leave aside, because they know that each purchase is a vote. And sooner or later, this will affect companies that have a worse reputation for the damage caused to people and nature.

What is ATM Natura?

ATM NATURA is made up of a team of professionals specialized in providing environmental consulting services, developing Corporate Social Responsibility projects, the implementation of management systems, legal and technical advice.

What makes us different from other consultants?

ATM Natura is a very artesanal consultancy. We have always taken great care of our clients, getting involved in their management, supporting and advising them so that they feel accompanied on a day-to-day basis. This has meant that it is the clients themselves who have been demanding new services from us compared to those we initially offered, which has allowed us to grow together.  

Our principles and code of ethics are very clear, resolutely focused on the client, closeness and total commitment, qualified technical training and tailored costs. 

What moves us to keep going?

We have a strong conviction: business activity, nature conservation and care for people are compatible. We want to contribute to achieving a truly sustainable, innovative and developed world and therefore we focus on helping organizations improve their sustainability. Consult our services o conoce a nuestro equipo.

Advantages of working with us


In our twenty-eight years of history we have been able to develop all kinds of environmental projects. And if we have learned anything over the years, it is that experience is too valuable to face complex challenges.


With us you can count on a complete and personalized attention to solve all your doubts and needs in terms of environmental management

The detail

We are committed to handmade and personalized work. We flee from generic services where the particular situation of each organization is not addressed.

To be up to date

Having an environmental consultant by your side will allow you to be up to date with all environmental requirements to avoid unwanted surprises, learn about market trends to surf the new waves and get out of administrative jams. to avoid to prevent unwanted surprisesknow market trends to surf the new wave in and out of trouble administrative.

Visit our Blog to learn about trends in the environment and sustainability

Visita nuestro Blog para conocer las tendencias en medio ambiente y sostenibilidad

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